Types of Resume Formats

There are a number of different formats that you can use in writing your resume. You can choose from any of them in creating yours. Each different format will be used to highlight your skills etc. in any particular field. For example, if you are applying as a waitress, you will want to highlight your skills and duties in this area so your resume is going to be aimed at the format of professionals in this field and your skills and qualifications would be more important to include.

However, if you are writing an executive resume you will want to highlight your experience and accomplishments. For the most part, unless you have studied at an Ivy League school, you will likely not have to place too much emphasis on your school history. For example, if all that the job you are applying for requires is a high school diploma than you can simply skip that part all together and mention that you meet all of the requirements for the position in your cover letter.

Of course if you are using your resume to get a general job, you will want to highlight all of your duties so that your prospective employer knows that this is an area that you have already demonstrated in the past. What can be very complicated in creating your résumé’s format is if you are applying for any job in a company and do not really care which. For this you would want to show your diversity in your format. This would naturally more emphasis on your different job experiences.

In general, resume formats should include items such as: qualifications, experience, references, and special accomplishments. After that what is needed pretty much varies by the job you are looking to get. If in sales, you will want to focus your attention on your accomplishments in this area or a similar one and your personality in general. This would be more along the lines of your CV. This is the document that you will be using to describe yourself on a personal level. When it comes to a job like sales your experience with dealing with people is your most important ally.

With so many formats to choose from, it can be difficult to choose between them but if you really think about it; it doesn’t have to be impossible. Just think about what is being highlighted in your resume and what type of impression you want to give. Just so that you know, most resumes are best served if written in 12 point, Times New Roman font. Just make sure that the headlines are bold and a bit larger so that they stand out and give the employer an easy to see format of what he or she is looking for.

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